The Freediver


There is a freediver who lives on along the coast of her country and enjoys a life of sun and simplicity.  The things of this world she embraces but never allows them to be distractions from her natural and relaxed way of being and her passion for freediving.

Every morning she practices what is for her an art, a meditation, a love affair with the ocean, a connection to the greater self.   Years ago she was active in competition around the world but gave it up as over time it became her personal practice and way of living and being.   Exploring the depth and mystery of the ocean, her relationship with the ocean and awareness of herself.

She plunges down into the water with one breath and goes deep.   Deeper than she ever has.  A breath of air that supports her until she resurfaces minutes later.  Sometimes a friend watches on the shore but most often she is alone.   She is aware and knows that the exploration goes far beyond diving into the depths… her journey is one of self-realization, deepening her awareness and understanding herself and existence.

And this is not so much a story but as her life progresses she opens to a true understanding of herself and her life becomes an expression of love and the essence she is.   And all who come to know her feel her love and joy of life and are better for it.sun-rays-under-water


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