The Girl Who Dreamed Real


There is a dancer who is beloved by all who see her.   Her artistry and passion are evident in every graceful movement and expression on and off the stage.   Her experience of being a dancer and life in general is one of harmony, joy, magic and flow.

She often recalls her youthful days as a sickly girl stuck in bed dreaming of being a successful dancer one day.   At that time She could feel the energy of a life she envisioned to be everything she wanted.  And now years later she is living that dream.   And a thought arises:  is she the successful dancer imagining a youth spent dreaming, or is she the girl dreaming to be a dancer.

It is a comforting idea for her as she relishes the inherent possibility of life and creating herself to be as she feels and chooses.  For her it feels not 22 years ago she was dreaming to be where she is now, but this moment.  No time between the idea and reality as she experiences it.   A collapse of time.   And a smile comes to her face.


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