The Traveler


There was once a traveler who one day in his youth chose to set out upon a great journey to travel the world.  He wanted to see what this world had to offer and see all the sights and meet amazing people and experience life to the fullest.

His journey took him far and wide across great plains, wilderness, mountains, deserts, across seas and oceans and he visited many villages and explored cities he had not known existed.   He was a little restless in nature and did not stay in one place too long but was open to meeting new people and making friends and appreciated what came his way in life.   It was not always easy but he made a living mainly as a trader and shared with the people he met stories of his travels and thoughts and life.

Over the years he had visited and explored many countries and lands, many things of the world:  the tastes and flavors and sights and scents and experienced life in his way.   He had explored the world and come to know it.  He had grown in understanding and awareness and had no regrets but as he began to feel older in years he reminisced how his life path was a choice to live in the way he had.   He had not chosen a family or to stay in one place and nurture friendships or community.   Not that there was anything wrong with his choice he felt.  But he began to feel alone in the world.

One day he embarked on a journey to a distant land he had heard reports and hints of for many years but was not sure it was real or fictitious.   Perhaps this land he had heard of was just the remnant of myth and legend.    A story or invention of the human desire to go beyond the usual.    He had been walking alone for days and weeks into new terrain.   To a place where others feared and did not travel.    What was to come he did not know but something within him wanted to find it.

The sun was shining.  He looked back at his footsteps in the sand and reflected on his movements in this lifetime… he remembered the faces and friends and lovers and people he had come to know in his life.   He remembered the places and experiences and the flow of his life but had he truly accomplished what he has set out to do?

Looking forward there was nothing but expanse of land, the horizon stretched out to forever.    Perhaps the journey would go on forever he thought.  And with that thought he took a step and carried on his journey to this unknown place.   And as he did so the realization came over him that all of the places and people he had known in his life…. they were part of him as he was part of them and all.

This was the place he had been journeying to all of his life.     It was not a land or place in time but an awareness.

He paused, lifted his head to the sun and smiled.


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