The Traveler’s Dream

desert traveler

A traveler has a dream one night.

In it he is lead to a valley where he finds the fulfillment of his heart’s greatest desire… the answer to his longing and prayers.

He awakens with a joy and remembers the dream about the valley but has already forgotten what he would find once there… but it is enough.

He begins his search and travels far and wide through many countries and encounters many people in his quest… he spends the rest of his life searching for the valley.

For years he feels the promise of the valley almost within his grasp but it eludes him. And he grows weary and old in years.

One day travelling through a desert, exhaustion stops him in his tracks. He looks down at his sun-scorched body…. the hot sand at his feet… feels his cracked lips and the dry air enter his body. His water canteens long empty. And where is he? Has his life come to this? Lost in an ocean of sand chasing after a dream he doesn’t even remember?

He can travel no further.

His gear slides off his shoulder and he slumps to the sand… gazes long to the horizon…and then up at the sky…. and lays back… knowing his life will soon be over.

He feels a sense of relief… feels embraced by the open sky, so infinite and peaceful… he recalls his dream…. the traces of it he remembers… but it is all so vague…. meaningless now.

What was it that he had been searching for all this time…?

What was it that lead him to where he was now…. ?

And as he closes his eyes… soft tears roll down his dusty cheeks…

In every way he gives up and releases…. his thoughts… his body…. his search…. the dream… his life…. all.

And in his last moments, a faint smile arrives on his face.

For a realization sweeps through him like a building wave to shore.

The Valley he had searched for was never outside of himself…. never external….

~it had always been within~

All these years he had been searching for… himself~

And he realizes this:

~~~He is the Valley~~~

And death does not touch him.


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