Are you alive?

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Greetings friends~   No this is not a trick question.   Some of you may be thinking something like “Of course I am alive, I am reading this, am I not?”  And that is a good point.  You do exist.

But let me ask again, are you really ALIVE?   Are you really living to the fullest and celebrating life?  Are you awake and aware and pulsing and feeling good?   Are you living large and feeling blissed and blessed and enjoying life?  Do you breathe in deeply and feel relaxed and at ease?

Yes we exist.  And as humans we have these amazing tools called our minds with which we perceive our lives and reality.  We create our lives through our choices and perceptions.   And it is all too easy to slip into a state where we go through the motions of life, anticipating the future in a myriad of ways, or focused on the past.   Or just giving our power to something outside of ourselves and closing our hearts and minds to what is possible.

When we are alive and experiencing life and ourselves to the fullest then we are choosing to invest ourselves in the moment.   We are choosing to breathe and live and be, recognizing that we are worthy of the experience of joy and the abundance that is our birthright. The larger part of you known as your soul-essence chose to be here.    Energy was extended into the world and the creation and experience that you call your life began.   And more and more people are choosing to explore this area and re-awaken, allowing their essence and true self to manifest in the world.   It is still a very rare thing in the world but people are slowly shifting into new directions.

We experience life through many lifetimes and from one perspective it is all just experience.   And we are here to experience the experience of existence.   In the ways we desire and create.   In the ways we allow and choose.   And eventually it is all experienced and everyone moves into a true understanding and awareness of themselves, but very few in any one particular lifetime.

And what is your choice?  Do you wish to live from your very beingness? And to let it reflect out into the world as an example for others?  For what is the reality you perceive but an extension of your own energy and a reflection of our own state of awareness?

Extend your energy and play in the playground this world is! Living life fully is not about having material riches per se.   I am talking about the experience of the wealth that you are.   That is endless wealth and the material riches of this world pale in comparison to that.   There is not even a comparison.  For your energy encompasses everything. We choose the degree we wish to be involved in life, with our jobs and relationships and interactions with everyone.  With what is happening around us in whatever moment.  And it all begins with yourself.   What is the degree you wish to know and consciously express your essence, the love you are?

I just wanted to touch upon some important ideas with this article.   It is important to pause at times and to ask ourselves if we are ~alive~ or merely going through the motions and running on automatic pilot (basically allowing the mind to run your life). A person who is alive knows it.   As it feels like flying.   It feels unlimited.  And I am not talking about the mind’s idea of excitement but about the manifestation of your energy in to the world. Many of these ideas are explored further in The Limitless Self audio program now available.  If your are interested in exploring in that direction.

Your brilliance is about the expression of all that you are.   And there is not really another word for it.  Such is your radiance and way. Some of the inspiration for these words here today is from the energy of the Mediterranean.   Love to you all. We are all one.  It has always been so.


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