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Greetings All~

Feel the truth of this statement:  the only limitations you have in life are the ones you settle for.   The limitations created by the choices you make to perceive yourself and life a certain way, and then you say to yourself “this is how it is”. And isn’t this the way humans live?  From green young saplings at birth to stiff brown branches within the span of not so many years. The hardening of the heart and perception in different ways.

Remember times as a child when all you wanted to do was explore and play and have fun? Adults would tell you one thing and your first reaction to them would be “But that’s silly!”, an intuition and knowing from within. Over time people stop questioning things. They stop asking why. They stop taking that leap of faith into unknown territory, the uncharted landscape of our inner world (and outer universe). We stop questioning what the mind perceives as fact or something that is obvious so why bother.

It is our nature to question and grow and experience all that life is. Yet how easy it is to settle into “comfortable” lives until that irritant arrives. Perhaps it is a nagging dissatisfaction from within that something is not the way you truly want. Something feels off or not in alignment in your life. Perhaps everything. Or perhaps you get hit by a Mack truck in the way the universe can deliver when we are not listening: disease or illness or death or tragedy happens. And our life is up-ended completely.

Observe your life carefully… set the judgements aside and just simply see where your choices have lead you… be honest and see the influence that your judgements and fears have had on your life. And the fear of fear. Observe how perhaps at one point you gave up your red wagon and sand shovel and settled for an adding machine and ledger. You stopped playing and being child-like. Observe the level of control you have exerted in your life… the trying, the stress and effort and contraction. Breathe in deeply and relax.

How many try to control their lives or use some idea of ‘change’ as a substitution for a real exploration and the movement into their beingness? Oftentimes people take up a new pursuit or sport, a new relationship or job, take a vacation or they change their wardrobe, or even shift into a slightly new way of thinking about themselves. But is this growth or just change? Have they let go of anything really or are they still operating from within the same paradigm that they are trying to shift out of? How satisfying is it living like that?

When was the last time you took a truly deep breath and felt that sense of “Ahhhh. This is good!”

Observe closely the influence of your mind in your life and you will see the extent to which the mind interferes, limits, reduces and tries to control things as a way of ‘surviving’ and ensuring its continuity when it is not consciously directed. The result is quite crippling. And so through lifetimes there is only very small movement and shifts into awareness. Very little growth if any.

And from one perspective that is okay but is it your choice? Is it what you really desire and want right now? The energy you are is one of love. It is one that opens and encompasses all things. It is a brilliance beyond compare. Take a moment to feel the truth of this statement and bring it into your life…

Now, explore this beautiful idea: releasing control of your life and living from the awareness you have of your deeper self. Your energy and beingness. Let go of control and embrace the mystery and vastness of life…. of your own beingness.

Your mind is always trying to solve the great puzzle of who you are. It attempts to define and measure and scrambles for answers and then spends so much time and energy justifying choices. This is what you do. But our beingness is undefinable. How liberating and freeing would it be to simply acknowledge that you cannot control your life and that you do not have the answers to the puzzling? The illusion of control can be created but is that truly living or is it simply playing a game with yourself?

When you explore your fears and the incessant striving and trying of your existence, there is movement into a deeper understanding. The realization that you lack nothing. The space opens up for a more genuine and real exploration into new choices. Into growth and empowerment.

Before you achieve the beingness that you seek, a letting go takes place. This is what you are here to explore and discover and take part in. To enjoy. You have a choice to make: to live your life from the shore or to jump in the water. To go play in the ocean.

Rediscover your ability and talent to play and wonder and explore and love. Life is a treasure so go out and get wet.

In appreciation~~


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