The Boy and the Apple


There was a boy who sat at a table. On the table was an apple. He was relaxed and did not particularly desire to be anywhere else or to do anything else but sit and stare at the apple. He touched it. Felt its green, smooth skin. He could smell its ripeness. He could feel it with all of his senses and with all of his senses he saw it as defined. Tangible. And of course, something solid.

And for a long time he simply just sat there. And a question arose in his mind, “Is this all there is to you?” As if in conversation with the apple. The boy relaxed his perceptions and sat still for a while. And in his stillness he could feel and begin to see the energy of the apple. It’s movement. He could feel his energy as one with the apple.

And from here he continued to explore what was possible. With the apple. With perception.  With his life.


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