Nourish Yourself

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is yourself.  The gift of You. The gift of compassion and love.  Most people intuitively knows this but few are consciously aware that loving the self can truly expand your existence.

Through the practice of living in awareness and observing everything without judgment we can see just how prevalent and pervasive our judgments are.  We judge ourselves more harshly than anyone or anything else can ever judge us and it is a death-like grip that contracts every part of our lives, and with this reduction the choices that are possible in our lives.

Judgements come from the mind which is a tool which must be directed or it will continue on its own path.  Most of us live from the mind, not our beingness.  So observe your thoughts, feelings, actions, non-actions, observe your choices and everything.  Choose to be intimately aware of yourself.  Explore your perspectives and beliefs and limitations.

Move into your beingness and allow yourself the choice of not judging your judgements for as human beings we will judge.  To live without judgement we would not be in physical form and physicality can be a lot of fun.  The trick is to reduce the judgement and soften your grips. Relax your mind so it is not interfering in your life.  Use your minds to be conscious and to enhance your existence.  They are something to be observed and appreciated, like everything else.

Part of loving the self is releasing control and and allowing others their choices.  You do not have to agree with anyone’s choice but see how trying to control anyone else is a game of disempowerment and an illusion within illusion.  Allow others to live how they want and get in touch with what you want in your life and what you want to express to yourself and the world.

When you love yourself – truly, honestly and completely love yourself – your energy relaxes and opens and interacts more freely with everything around you as you will see yourself as part of everything around you.  Your essence, the energy you are, is then reflected in the world and universe and moves with everything.

When this happens we feel more alive, connected, healthy and joyful.  There is more flow and things seem to happen easily and naturally, even spontaneously.  We seem to heal faster, age less, regenerate and even sometimes rejuvenate our bodies and cells and all sorts of possibilities are possible when we begin to nourish ourselves.  Eating good organic foods and drinking spring water and such things are important but only go so far.  Real nourishment comes from loving yourself and living from love.  Allowing your energy to come forth.

When we love ourselves our choices reflect our inherent self-worth and amazing things start to happen.  The world around us changes.  Relationships, finances, perspectives are altered.

Now, life can be a roller coaster ride and when you are experiencing circumstances that you do not desire and want to change it is an amazing opportunity to love yourself.  Do not love yourself despite this or that – it is not “I love myself even though my boss fired me and my dog died” or “I love myself despite my big nose and feet” – No, choose to love yourself in your entirety, including your flaws and weaknesses and all, as otherwise your are blocking the flow of your energy and creating more limits.

The energy you are is not limited to any particular situation or circumstance.

Love energy encompasses all of creation, the “good” and the “bad”. All choices, all movements. And in choosing to appreciate yourself you will give yourself the flexibility to move in any direction.

Choose your beingness.


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