Save the world? Start with yourself.

The world we see is a reflection of what is inside of us.  It is a reflection of our perceptions, beliefs, choices and movement.  It is a reflection of our awareness.

The Earth of 2015 is an interesting place to be exploring and living and creating.  There are many inherent challenges and possibilities and often our greatest opportunities are disguised as roadblocks or as our struggles.  Observe the flow and movement of your life.  What issues bring you stress or conflict?  What problems are you dealing with or what issues are you struggling with to resolve?  What are changes that you would like to see in the world?

A lot of people try to create change in the world or in their own lives but do so without going within and truly realizing that creation comes from within ourselves.  We are not separate from that spring of creative energy that gives rise to everything, we are the very essence of it.

Instead of being overly concerned with the physical manifestation of what is happening in our lives, the ups and downs or the outward appearance, it is important to look at what is happening inside of ourselves as we go about living our lives.  How are you reacting to what is happening around you at any one given moment?  What is your energy?  Notice your thoughts and thought process, fears, body tension, the inner psychologies and games at play, etc. and where and what you are giving your power to.

In times of war or conflict for example people make judgments as automatic reactions and there is a strong rush to take sides.  There is often a this-person versus that-person or one group or country versus another.  This type of demarcation actually solidifies the conflict into more concrete terms and perpetuates things, often spiraling conflict into very destructive outcomes.  Groups that form an “anti-” this or that such as anti-war, anti-abortion, or anti-anything are actually giving their power away.  They are giving their energy to perpetuating the very problems they are trying to get rid of.  Being anti-war is not a state that allows resolution of conflict.  Pro-peace is better but even that is giving energy to a side in the conflict, as “peace” is the opposite of war, two sides of the same coin really.

In creation there is no denying anything.  Everything is manifest.  There is only energy and what your choice is in the moment.  What you allow to manifest in your life. And pushing against anything is only playing a game of denial with yourself and maintaining what you are pushing against.  Acknowledge what is happening around you but look past and through what is happening.  See the bigger perspective and observe how reality is not a static creation.  To move through a wall that is blocking you in your life, simply stop trying to push it down.  See it, appreciate it for what it is and what it reflects — say a limit of perception — and soften your energy around it, relax your energy and allow another direction in your life.  Choose something else.  It is best to focus on what we truly want, let’s say in this example, lending our energy to living in harmony and well-being.  And this starts with ourselves.

So instead of trying to resolve problems by approaching it at the level of the problem, try taking a step back and breathing and maybe even some meditation or some type of new perspective.  Play some music and dance and smile and laugh and play and have some happy-crazy fun.  Whatever opens your energy.  For when you raise your consciousness it affects the world around you and the way you see the world.  Perception changes.  And what was once a problem or issue may cease to even be an issue at all in your life if you come from your beingness.  For in your beingness there is no lack or struggle or effort.  Energy flows and we can allow your lives to reflect this awareness.  We can allow our lives to become an amazing organic living reflection of the beautiful energy essence we are.

So yes by all means take action and live boldly! Live large!  But do so from a place of empowerment.  Do so from your beingness and energy, not from your mind’s reaction.  Save the world by saving yourself first and you will find that you have done more than you realize.  For the exploration and expansion of consciousness is a not a little thing.  It is everything.  There is nothing separating you from anything else in existence.  The door in front of you is open.  It is up to your to step forward and move through it.

The world doesn’t need a savior. But it does need you.


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