Consciousness is the awareness of existence.  It is the knowing that you are much much more than what you have been defined or limited by.  It is the realization that you exist beyond the physical, mental, emotional and spiritually manifested aspects of your existence, beyond any one particular defined circumstance or reality.

When someone observes their life without judgment it becomes clear how their choices create the reality in which they exist.  They become aware of the interconnection of their energy with all that exists and the choice is made to move with that energy, that movement and understanding.  There is no longer a necessity or desire to see themselves as separate from anything since energy, no matter how you define it, is all that is.

Realize that the reality in which you live is a reflection of your awareness.  If you want to change it, simply do so.  Every perspective or perception is a limitation of your awareness or level of consciousness.  That includes the limits you have chosen to exist by such as death.  Death defines so much about how we see ourselves and it seems to be the grand, inevitable and terminal conclusion to our lives on this planet.  And such a serious and somber finality at that.  The idea of death is only a perspective or belief that can be moved beyond.  It is an illusion like all other perceptions.  You do not have to wait until your physical body ceases to be to explore what is beyond death.

The realization that you are energy is this exploration, the movement beyond limitations.  It is inevitable you will remember who you truly are, but why not do it in this lifetime?

The idea of interconnection and oneness remains that – an idea for yourselves – until your energy is extended into creating that reality through your choices.  Some people in the spiritual circles have an intellectual grasp of the essence of existence, the oneness energy, call it what you will. But how many empower themselves to consciously choose it all the time and live from this state?

Love energy is an energy of inclusion and allowance of all that is and the choice will inevitably be made to move beyond how you see yourself and to see what your relationship is with everything, including God-Godess-All That Is.  It is mainly a question of when.

Observation without judgment will expand your lives and lead you to an appreciation of yourselves and the realization of your true nature.  The brilliance you are.


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