Energy is everything that is.  Everything.

That includes what we see, touch, smell, hear, and feel and everything else.  It is the trees, people, buildings and everything in our environment.  All that we perceive is a perception or interpretation of energy.  It is the trees, people, buildings and objects of our environment.  A thought is energy.  Desire is energy.  A perspective of time is energy.  Ideas of past and future or relationships is a judgement of energy.  Granted yes it is all energy judged and reduced through the filters of our minds but it is still energy.

And all energy has consciousness, is consciousness.    If the particles of a wall were vibrating at a different rate you would perceive it as something else, water perhaps, and be able to put your hand through it or walk through.

You can call this energy whatever you want as it will be judged.  Some call it Chi, Qi, Prana, atomic, etc.  Love energy or simply love.

What does this mean to you?  What would you like it to mean?

Once we move into the awareness that the universe is energy then it becomes easier to see and to truly know and appreciate that we ourselves are energy.  We are the creative energy essence of existence and can mold or shape energy into any form we choose.  We can shape and create our life to be what it will.

We can manifest our talents and abilities in their fullness and more.  We can create and choose in any direction and follow the flow of this energy into any new direction at any point.  We can re-frame or explore perspectives and beliefs or any concept.  We can explore our sufficiency and true wealth within existence, as existence.  We can live from a timeless, limitless perspective and more, not contraction or reduction.  We can move beyond 3rd dimensional reality into the inter-dimensionality of existence.  Energy is all things and the universe will allow everything.

Now this does not mean you will walk out the door and command the sky to clear and become sunny or to form money out of thin air. But engaging your sense of awareness and seeing everything as energy does open you to the possibility of it.  It will open you more to what is around you, how the energy is flowing and what is ripe for you to allow into your life, easily and effortlessly.   It will open you to new choices and probabilities which will lead you in the direction of other choices.  It will open you to a limitless perspective of existence and your connection with everything.

These are just possibilities when we get in touch with our true nature.  There are no limits once we expand our awareness and begin to play with this as it is a new way of living and being.  A new way of seeing.  It is a new paradigm.  It is the empowerment of you.

Imagine yourself unfettered and unshackled, truly empowered and in command of your existence.  Move with the energy of who you are and start making choices that reflect this deeper knowing of who you are.  What would you most like to explore and create in your life?

Take advantage of a free audio recording I produced called The Limitless Self.  Send a request and the link will be emailed to you. And enjoy this new direction.


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