We perceive and define our lives.  We play these roles.  We dress the part and we believe it.

The roles of son or daughter, girlfriend or boyfriend, wife, husband, boss, employee, rich man, poor man, lover, thief, saint. Child, adult, elderly.   And so on, into details and specifics. There is the perception of past, present, future.  The perception of movement and growth, of change.

We see ourselves as this or that.  Always in relation to something else.  Some other this or that.  And because of this you define yourselves as separate.  And this is the limit of the exploration until a new choice is made.  The choice to move into a new awareness.

Through all of your life, all of your choices, all of your joys, sorrows, contractions, even in your darkest moments you have been surrounded by and come from an energy of love.  You have never been alone.


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