fear is what we make it to be~

Most people have some type of fear of dying.  It is not their greatest fear but it exists.  But how real is this fear?  How real is fear?  When you move into the awareness of yourself as energy, you will connect with an energy that has a constancy to it.  A continuity.  An energy of constancy and continuity that extends far beyond what is perceived to be your single lifetime.

So if you slip off the curb one morning and a car hits you and you die, you know that it will not be the end of you.  Yes your ego-personality, that framework people usually live by will re-integrate with soul-essence but life will carry on.  Your energy will simply extend itself into another creation.  Another experience.  Another lifetime.  Life can never be extinguished.

Explore this idea if you want and see what an illusion fear really is.

Connect with your energy and feel this to be true.  Explore your interconnection with everything around you and all of existence.


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