Walking the dog~

The simplicity of choice is this:

If you want a red sweater, choose it.

If you want health, wealth, abundance, choose it.

If you want to explore the universe and consciousness, choose it.

If you want a loving partner, choose it.

Be that yourself, the energy of it, completely.   Allow that choice to reflect and happen in your life.   Feel the energy of it and know it.

And when you make a choice and don’t spend time analyzing, justifying, worrying, fearing, controlling, waiting for the stars to align, etc….  then the mind will follow that choice.

So be conscious and choose.    The mind is a tool of creation and if it is not used as such it will take you on a journey of contraction.   It will take you for  a walk.  So use it as it was intended.

Nothing is impossible.  Explore you empowerment and one day you might surprise yourself.  One day you will be standing or walking in one city and without so much as a thought, in the next moment you will be standing in another city.    Such is the power of choice.   So explore what is possible.


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