Be in wonder again~

Appreciate your life and everything in it.

Do not take anything too seriously.

Remember when you were a boy or girl and used to look up to the sky and twirl around and fall to the ground all dizzy and joyful?

Remember seeing the newness and wonder of it all and were exploring it, discovering where the boundaries were?

Maybe it is time to explore and play again and to discover new boundaries and limits.

Be in wonder again.

Be joyful.

Make Love.
Hold each other.
Fall in love again.
Fall in love with yourself and your life.

Challenge yourself to see things in new ways.

Walk barefoot in the water and grass.

Greet a stranger like they were your best friend or share compliments more freely.

Dare yourself to be a little crazy.

Revel in the monotony when it arises at your job and imagine new possibilities.

Sing a song that you love or write a new one.

Buy the person behind you in line a coffee.

Inspire a new movement in the world or in yourself.

Being more alive doesn’t mean jumping out of planes or free climbing up vertical rock faces or putting your life in danger.  It’s about opening up your horizon and being who you are already at the core but have forgotten.

Get in touch with your essence, your energy.

Give thanks to the universe.  Extend your energy in appreciation and love.

there is magic in every single moment
with every single breath.


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