This life is a dream~

The brook flows.

Come, sit by the water’s edge.  Feel the coolness and hear the trickle.  Relax into its shimmering beauty.  Allow your senses to bask in the pleasure of it as you release any concerns of your day.

Open and allow your energy to relax.  Take a few deep breaths.

The world and everyone and everything in it is a reflection of what is inside of you.  The face you see in the mirror everyday is not your reflection — the world is.

The world is your mirror, your reflection.  A reflection of your perception, thoughts, movement, judgements, choices, imagination, desire, creative energy, psychologies and more.  Not the totality of that which you are but it does reflect.

Pause for a moment and see this.

You are living this dream called life.  And so is everyone else.

This is not something to get caught up about.  It’s a rather funny and amusing thing if you think about it.  We incarnate here and experience physical existence.  It is something to enjoy and play with.

Put your feet in the water and splash around a little.  Get comfortable and explore new terrain.  See what opens up and experience new fears.  And move beyond it.

The clouds reflect off the surface of the brook.  The air fills your lungs.  Feel your energy extend to encompass everything.


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