‘Holding 39’

I turned 39 in April.  And over a game of chess recently a friend joyfully recalls a memory from years before when a young Johnny Carson was establishing his career and was doing a comedy bit with Jack Benny.   My friend didn’t remember all the details but it was on the radio or TV and Carson was kind of razzing Benny about his age and asking him what his age was.  Benny replies “39” even though it was clear he was older.  And they played off this for a bit and later it became known as ‘Jack Benny time’.  The idea of holding age and staying young.

It was a great story and I relate to it as it has become clear in my life just what an illusion and perception age truly is.  Age is like a story or blanket that we wear and define ourselves by.  A chosen limitation even though everyone sees it ‘just as the way things are’.  But time is something more than this.

I appreciated the exuberant way in which my friend shared the story and his zest and intensity by which he lives.  He has and lives a rich life and sometimes refers to himself as a hippie.  And inherent within the story is the idea and fun of moving beyond age and time.  Living in the moment.

Anyway, I was thinking about the story and related ideas. And since the Wonders said it well and I will share what they said here:  “…observe your physical existence as an extension of time whereby time extends your existence.  The more time passes, the longer you live.

It is possible to play with and shift any of our psychologies and beliefs.  ‘Holding 39’ for me is not about resisting the passage and movement of time but playing with the flexibility of my perceptions and how I see things.  Recognizing that we are the energy and movement that is life.

We are here nowWe live and breathe and make choices and experience life.  And there is something infinite about that.


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