Lazy summer day pt. 2~

Some of my fondest memories are the carefree summer days of my youth.  Riding in the back of my Mom’s old blue Impala, enjoying a mixed Slurpee and Old Dutch chips on our way to an outdoor city pool.  We didn’t have money but we had each other, my Mom, sister and I.  And later my Dad and our dogs.

Some weekends we would venture out into the country to visit my grandparents and my sister and I would take our fill from unwashed garden fruits and vegetables or play different games we would invent.  There were a million joys and sorrows but all part of the magic of life. Even then I had a sense of just what an amazing thing it is to be experiencing life.

We live and die and come back again and again and life can never be extinguished.  The universe is big enough for it all. For all our choices and explorations.


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