middle of the night~

It is late at night.  My partner sleeps silently beside me. In our relationship we are exploring intimacy and our love for each other and ourselves.  It has sometimes been very challenging and fears come up but we are able to see things more clearly and communicate.

Relationships are a great vehicle for exploring what is inside of us as they mirror, in some way, who we are.  When someone is uncomfortable with the behavior of another person it is because they reflect back to them what they are afraid of or uncomfortable with within themselves.  So in this way every relationship, every interaction or experience is an opportunity to move deeper into awareness and the infinity of ourself.  The love.

My relationship with Jen has taught me that it is okay to feel.  It is okay to be honest with myself in terms of what I am feeling.  It is okay to be vulnerable.  More than okay.  I sometimes reflect back to her things she is not comfortable within herself yet and in this way our relationship is a vehicle for growth and possibility.


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