the problem with goal-setting~

Life is a journey.  It is a great joy and opportunity to explore in any direction and to choose our empowerment.  Simply being in the moment, connected with yourself, your beingness and essence, you can create or move in any direction and enjoy the unfolding.  You are sufficient.

The goal-setting approach affirms and creates a distance or obstacle where there does not need to be one.  Goal-setting does not facilitate the awareness that that which you seek is part of you already.

Instead of goal-setting simply observe the movement of energy of that which you are.  Observe your life as it is happening.  Observe what your choices are creating and make choices that will move you to where you would like to be in your life.  And allow that.  For within you this very moment is everything you can possibly desire or create.  There is no need to struggle or go through hoops.

We have lost touch with their innate ability to simply allow manifestation.  What do you think Jesus was doing when he turned water into wine?  Do you doubt that this ability and more exists within you as well?

It is worthwhile to observe that many of the things people want and their methodologies and striving to achieve them is just a reflection of their own perspectives of not being ‘good-enough’ or lack.  We fear not being able to bring into our lives that which we want so we play games and roles that remove us from our beingness.

Create whatever you wish in your life.  Manifest yourself in any way you choose.  But why not do so from a place of empowerment?



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