imagine one morning~

Imagine one day that you woke up and were a different person.  Your sex, body, hair color were different. Your life was different.  The country in which you lived and your job and family and life were different.

Instead of being an aging Black male professional in Ohio in the year 2015, you wake up one day and are a blue-eyed, blonde-haired young female artist in her 20s in the year 3089, living on another continent or planet.  You wake with different perspectives, desires and a different personality.

This is a playful example for the imagination to help you realize that you incarnate into this physical reality.  Your soul-essences chooses this and does this.  The essence you are encompasses many different life creations.  Many different lifetimes.  You are free to move in any direction and to manifest yourself in whatever fashion you choose.

This is rather un-limiting, wouldn’t you agree?


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