On any given day~

On any given day in Edmonton, at an intersection at Sir Winston Churchill Square, you are likely to find one of four religious individuals or groups vying for your attention:

One man stands on a soap-box and preaches Old Testament through a megaphone so that his voice will cut over the noise of the traffic.  As someone has to save all the sinners of the world.

Another man silently offers books and pamphlets and holds a cardboard sign with bold words indicating that he is a Muslim fundamentalist.

Nearby, by the coffee shop there are two polite people in business attire smiling at passers-by, in good and bad weather.  If they weren’t offering Watchtower reading material and conversation you might mistake them for flight attendants.

Across the street on some days you may find a man with a dancing step, tambourine in hand and lovely singing voice who is a Hare Krishnan.  And one doesn’t have to look very far to find Buddhist or some New Age meditation offering.

The world offers many answers for those who are seeking.  What is it that you are looking for or wish to explore?  Are you looking for a system of thought, a safe vehicle that will have a ready answer for any question you may have?

Or would you like to explore the knowing within you and find your own answers?  What do you think offers the most possibilities for you?


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