Creation and time~

A Neolithic era hunter has an idea for a new type of weapon design.  Through a series of attempts she finally creates it and her tribe benefits from it and the design is carried on for future generations.

Different teachers from ancient Mediterranean lands allows their existence to be a light and example for others by offering a new way of seeing and being in the world.  Not just in their own time but for thousands of years after.

A seamstress in medieval France creates a variance in design that leads to a new fashion trend that defines an era and influences fashion, design, and living to the present time.

A man lives a safe, monotonous life and works for the same insurance company for 40 years.  He has the average 2.2 kids and 2.9 TVs and dies peacefully in his sleep at age 78.

Through their existence these people brought forth something into their existence, ushered the energy forth and manifested it.  They created it.

It is the year 2015 and I am sitting here watching an episode of Miami Vice that was originally aired in 1984 with actors who were born in the 40s and 50s on a TV made in Thailand.  I am wearing a t-shirt and pants that were designed and then created by someone in another country a few years ago, drinking black tea that was harvested by farmers in Sri Lanka, packed in the UK, imported into Mississauga, Ontario and then shipped to an Edmonton warehouse and transported to a local store.  An employee at the store put the box of tea on the shelf and a cashier swiped the box when I paid for it.

All of this is only part of a chain of hundreds and thousands of people doing jobs, living their lives, manifesting themselves in the way they are.  And this interconnection is with everything, everywhere, all the time.

What is your movement and expression through time?
Do you really think for a ‘second’ that you are not a part of everything around you or that your choices do not ripple out into the world?

In whatever way you manifest yourself as your life has meaning and is integral to all that is.  All of our creations go through this process we call time.  We apply ourselves through the movement called time, we infuse all of existence with our choices.

Until a point is reached when the perception of time no longer exists in the way it has, or at all.  For time is a creation and oneness is a choice.

Open yourself to all that is and play with energy and perception and your understanding of things.    Extend a thought or idea into your reality and see where it leads.  Or plant a thought or idea into your consciousness and see how it grows.

Extend yourself back or forward in time and see what happens.   Extend your energy to a grandparent when they were your age and needed a hug, or to your future self during a challenging time, or to anywhere or anyone.

Extend your energy.


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