There is a cool “60s” movie called More.   It features a Pink Floyd soundtrack and involves drugs and not for everyone’s taste.   It’s a story about a young German graduate, Stefan, who meets and follows Estelle to Ibiza where she is involved with a mysterious man named Dr. Wolf.   And you get the impression that he is lost and just wants something ‘more’ in his life.  And although his life is an extreme example perhaps he is reflective of that angst in many who want more in their life and who may feel frustrated or just not satisfied with their lives.

Another great older movie is one with Jack Nicholson in The Passenger, which is the opposite of a Hollywood movie.   He plays a reporter, David Locke, who assumes the identity of a gun dealer and the setting is exotic and the pacing slow and deliberate.  You get the impression he is tired of his former life and just wants to run away from it all.

And many people are looking for more in their lives.  They want and need more in their lives after finding the routines and patterns of their lives unnatural and stifling.

And so some people take off to a new continent and smoke ganja on a beach or drink Ayahuasca in a forest.  Some people quit their jobs or get tattoos or dye their hair and try to redefine who they are, not really getting in touch with who they really are inside.  Or they use sex or money to try and satisfy their neediness.  Travelling is always a great idea to open up our lives but by itself will not heal a person or make you happy and connected.  The point is that you can never go far enough away to get to where you want to go.

If you do not know yourself how can anything ever satisfy or fill that existential void inside?   Many people go through their lifetimes covering up that the hole inside even exists and they do a great job. The put a blanket over the whole idea of beingness and true self-discovery.  They convince themselves that their box house with the big garage in front and summer getaways to the cottage and their material possessions or managed existence is all that really matters.

These two characters are movie characters but if you think about it, isn’t your life a movie?   Aren’t you playing a role and character and defining yourself a certain way?   Are you interested in exploring more in your life, more of who you are?


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