Try something new~

It’s easy for our lives to become stale and our energy to diminish when we go through the motions of living.  When we go through the routine and create a monotony in our daily activities.

You do not need to do something dramatic to invigorate your life.  You do not need to rob a bank or go base-jumping.  Try taking a different way to the store or work.   Or try a different method of getting there.  Give your car a rest and borrow or buy a bike or take a bus or walk.   Talk and introduce yourself to someone when normally you would not.

Exercise your ability to choose.   Make different choices big or small and allow your energy to flow.

Try brushing your teeth with your left hand if you are right-handed or try a totally different toothpaste.  Make a conscious choice to smile more throughout the day and lighten your energy, allow it to interact with anyone or in any direction you choose.  Treat yourself to a fruit smoothie instead of that packed lunch.  Go to a thrift store and buy a style of shirt you normally never would.  Pick up a book in a new genre.   Stretch and feel good and bring new choices into your life.

It is not the choice that is important.   It is the opening that is created that is.  A movement into a new direction, one of awareness and empowerment for exercising your ability to choose is your empowerment.  Simply make a choice and your mind will follow.


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