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There is a local store that sells organic foods called The Earth General Store.   In the newspaper recently there was an article about how they are struggling and may not be around if things do not pick up.

And I think the locals would miss having that store around if it did close.   Granted more and more places nearby are offering more organic foods and healthy eating options but there is something really great about having a store nearby that supports healthy living in every way it can.    At the entrance of the store someone wrote a “WELCOME!” in colorful chalk and as soon as you walk into the store the air is filled with the wonderful scents of their deli.  The manager often greets people with a warm smile.  Their prices are more but can you really put a cost on health and well-being?

It is a good idea to support the people, the stores, the services that make your life better.  Of course it does not have to be monetarily, you can extend your energy to what is around you in any way you want.  But at the very least open your wallets and allow your money to flow a bit more if you catch yourself counting pennies and stuck in a poverty mentality or limiting yourself with a psychology of lack.  Allow your energy to flow.  The energy the universe brings to you… where do you think it comes from?

Show your support.  Let’s create the world we want to be in.


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