Are you aware your limits are chosen?

Do you really feel that life ends when this body you have ceases to be?  Do you believe in your heart that the essence and energy you are can ever cease to be?

You are life without beginning or end.   You are eternal, if you want to look at it from the judgement and filter of time.  You are infinite.  You are energy.  And yes you are manifested here, in this time-space reality.   But are you aware of all this?

The limits you exist by does not change who you truly are.

This life you are living, realize the theme of it is to experience and explore this idea of physicality and all that it entails.  The intensity, density, limits and joy of it.

This physicality is not the summation of life but only an extension and representation of that which you are.  The energy and wonder and brilliance of you.  So play with it and live large.  Experience your empowerment and awakening.

Realize the You-consciousness that made the choice and continues to choose to be here now in the form and perception of you as you define yourself to be.

And realize what allows this choice.


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