Living a healthy lifestyle~

Be aware of your daily choices.  Listen to your body.  Get in touch with your body and cellular consciousness and be receptive to what it needs and what it can do for you.   Explore new directions and choices in your life and see what it opens up for you.  Be open to trying and integrating new things into your life.

Here are some small options that you might feel inclined to explore: (have fun with it!)

– Choosing organic foods as much as possible and cookware that doesn’t have chemicals.

– Using oils such as avocado, olive, hemp, jojoba, coconut and castor as moisturizers and for their sunscreen qualities (look into their SPFs.  Some oils like grapeseed are great for high-heat cooking, skin moisturization and lubrication but will fry your skin in the sun.)

–  instead of sugar use Stevia or a similar product and instead of chewing gum that has artificial ingredients or sugar, try going to an essential oils store like Saje and trying their breath sprays which are natural and refreshing.  Or simply suck on a clove or rinse your mouth with salt water once in a while.  A little baking soda in water is a rinse that cleans the mouth but is also an effective replacement for products like antacids.

– instead of traditional shampoo try baking soda mixed in water and as a replacement for conditioner apple cider vinegar works well (ACV has many uses).   Many stores now carry great toothpastes that are free of fluoride and SLS and they also carry deodorants that are free of aluminum, parabens, propylene glycol, etc.

-Instead of colognes and perfumes that have chemicals and abuse your skin and body, experiment with essential oils and find a blend that makes your senses sing.   Lavender oil blends well with most essential oils.  Add them to a carrier oil like the ones mentioned above and massage them into your skin and body.

– Increase your use of vitamin C (and D if you live in an area with less sun, especially in the winter).  Use oil of oregano on a regular basis as a preventative and aid when you feel unwell.  Research the properties and uses of it as well s tea tree oil.

– if your job is not physical, spend time walking before and after work and on breaks and find ways to make it a healthier and even a fun place to be for you.

– greet the day in thankfulness for being alive and for your life and movement.  Start or go deeper into a practice that enhances your life, whatever it may be:  yoga, meditation, silent reflection, tai chi, walking, bird watching, dancing, tantric sex, etc.

– embrace what is in front of you and breathe, release control.  Allow your energy to flow with the understanding that trying to control anything will block your energy and reduce your existence.

– consciously choose to say “NO” when you feel caught up with the patterns and routine and just going through the motions of life.    Go somewhere quiet or just sit down and breathe and watch the world go by.  Take a moment of pause and connect with yourself.   Feel your energy and move into appreciation.  Bring moments of pause into your life on a regular basis and make it a way to re-energize and heal.   Create periods of time and days that are unscheduled.

– when you are feeling down or tired or just want to stretch your wings and fly, give yourself permission to reconnect with the child in you.   Watch some Yip-Yip Martians, Bert and Ernie or Cookie Monster videos on Sesame Street or get some colored chalk and write the world a love note or create a picture on the sidewalk.

– sip on tea or treat yourself to kombucha and bring ease and clarity into your life in whatever way works for you.  See and enjoy the small and big things.  Treat yourself to a some dark chocolate or a glass of red wine and fully experience it.  Savor it.

– make sex a regular thing and have fun with it.  Explore how your bodies and energy come together.   Play with the idea of food and sex or whatever turns you on.

– learn to laugh and play more!

These are just a few things to consider.  It might seem overwhelming at first but it becomes easy and simple to bring these ideas into your life when they become a regular part of the way you live.  Living a healthy lifestyle is about loving yourself enough to make healthy choices.  And it’s fun and just feels good.


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