Is Your Life out of Balance?

Quit being busy.  Quit that incessant need to do-do-do, go-go-go.  It is a disease that will kill you faster than smoking.

Busyness is not your business and has nothing to do with productivity or living well.

Busyness has nothing to do with enjoying life or loving the self.

Busyness is not a way to create what you want in life but will actually keep you from what you want.

Understand the mindset that is involved in being busy.  Observe the energy of it.  Working “hard” is not a formula for success but a reflection of a lack perspective and a pushing for achievement.

Get comfortable being quiet with yourself and set up time for pause in your life.  Cultivate breathing and relaxation as habits.  In this moment there is nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Step out of the influence of your perceptions.  Stop trying to please others or live in a way that is no longer serving you.  Stop seeing yourself as a victim at the mercy of everything external to yourself, including “time”, work, the weather, relationships, money, etc..

Take back your power.  It simplifies everything.

Anyone who ever created anything worthwhile did so from their creative essence, their energy.  Despite what it might look like.

When you come from your beingness, things will happen on their own.


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