Exploring the new paradigm~

Are you interested in self-growth, self-exploration?

These concepts of sufficiency, of empowerment, of energy, understand they will lead you to the realization of who you are.  The shift will not be sideways to explore from the structure you have adopted and established for yourself but an entirely new way of seeing the world.  It will be a new paradigm.  A new way of existing.

As you open to a new awareness of things the world around you changes from being an external environment to one where you realize everything is an extension of you.  A reflection of you and your perceptions.  Energy is consciously extended ‘outward’ and this movement is internal as well.  Every internal movement and realization reflects into your reality.

Understand, these concepts of internal, external and movement, time and growth, etc. only exist as we insist on seeing ourselves and everything with filters, with judgement.

Imagine living in this new way… knowing that you and everything around you is energy.  That you are not separate from anything.  A practical result of this would be to move through ‘time’ without a loss or dissipation of energy.  You would live longer and not age the way everyone does.   As a result of your choices your life would become easier, more joyful, richer… imagine the possibilities.

Basically it comes down to choice.  That is your power.  That is your ability.

What do you choose to explore?


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