On a street corner

The wind was blustering as I walked along a downtown street recently.  A homeless man was standing across the street at a quiet corner waiting for me to cross.

One day ten years ago he was out of it (not drunk) and dangling off the edge of a curb by the library, only one shoe on, almost falling into traffic but managing to catch up with people to ask for change.    I gave him the watch on my wrist that day, choosing to no longer wear one.

As it was then, his appearance  on this windy day was dirty.  Besides his black wavy hair the noticeable thing about him are these gentle, expressive brown eyes.  A glow.   I told him such as I crossed the street and greeted him, walking by.    He was quick to smile, joyed and expressed that mine had the same glow.  We shared a moment of appreciation.

And what I was appreciating was the essence of existence.

The oneness.


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