It is all within.

2015 summer Jen at alberta museum fountain

By Jenn Steel

Choosing the path of spiritual growth can be easier said than done nowadays. When you begin most people seek out books, DVD’s or teachers to help facilitate their journey. I did. A few years ago when I chose to get myself out of the dark unhappy place I found myself in I went to the book store. I figured that since in the past I found most of what I was looking for in a book that was the best place to start.

I discovered that spiritual growth was a growing market. There were books for everything. I didn’t know where to begin so I bought books for everything, Chakras, love, reiki, etc. As I dove enthuastically into these books I became discouraged. What I was looking for was simplicity, an easy idea or method for happiness and self-love so I put the books away and decided to take it slow and just focus on myself and my needs.

When I made the choice to focus on myself instead of the teachings of various other people and their convoluted methods to attain self-love, enlightenment and happiness I met my greatest teacher, me. People can write and say all that they want about their journey and the journey of those before them but until you find that teacher in yourself and listen to it then you will gain nothing of real value.

I have still enjoyed reading and listening to the teachings of others but that is only a small portion of it. Ultimately who I am and the hapiness I feel is a result of looking inward and getting to know myself and trusting myself completely.

I am not perfect. I still get unhappy and lose my temper and on occasion feel inadequate. The differrence now though is that I have a deeper understanding of myself and my fears and how I can move through them and come out happier and stronger than before.


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