The Thankfulness Prayer~


Every moment and every day is an opportunity to appreciate and see the world and ourselves in a more healthy and expansive way.

There is a Navajo prayer song that goes like this:

“…Now I walk in beauty, beauty is before me,
beauty is behind me, above and below me.”

And how do you choose to walk and be in this world?

How do you choose to greet the day and live?

Jen and I created a thankfulness prayer or meditation that expresses some of the things we are grateful for in our lives.  If it will be of benefit for you, try creating something like this for yourself or just remember to pause and take a moment to connect with your beingness everyday, whenever you can.  That is all it takes.  A moment.

The prayer goes like this:

Thank you for Jen, my one.

Thank you for my family and well-being.

Thank you for the reflection that is this world and all.

Thank you for my beingness, my vulnerability and what it allows.

Thank you for my ability to choose and create and love.

Thank you for the experience and expression of life.

Thank you for this sense of wonder that allows me to play and grow and to be filled with joy.

Thank you for my soulmate Mark.
Thank you for our place in the sun.
Thank you for my ability to let go.
Thank you for my healing powers.
Thank you for the abundance the universe brings when allowed.
Thank you for teaching me the power of self-love.
Thank you for love.

In appreciation of all, we extend our energy into the world, the universe and the all-that-is.


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