Your expression is not about being silent.

Real communication comes from the essence we are, not from the mere exchange of words.

There are many people who can talk and talk and bedazzle audiences but when it comes down to it what have they actually communicated?   Religious preachers and motivational speakers are often very much like this.

Having said that there is a mistaken notion in the world that can be summed up as follows:

“Those who speak, do not know.   And those who know, do not speak.” 

-Tao Te Ching

Silence is a beautiful and wonderful thing.  Increasingly it is a rare thing in this world.   But observe the flow of energy in the your lives, in nature, in the world and universe and you will observe a movement.  An expression of life.

Does not the flowing river speak with its own voice just as the bird sings and the tree leaves shimmer and dance in the wind?  Yes there is stillness in nature and everything is alive but listen closely and you will observe how everything communicates in its own way.  It shares itself by being itself. 

And humans are born with vocal cords and it is natural for us to verbally speak.    We do it all the time.  Talking.  Movement.  Gesturing.  Interacting.

Perhaps it is important to find a healthy balance of verbal expression and stillness/pause in our lives.  And that will be something different for each individual.

Also, it is important to look at the texts, teachers and teachings people hold so dear with an open mind and ask questions.  An example is the channelled work A Course in Miracles.  It is interesting but is also dense, thick and without one drop of humor in the whole verbose thing.  Is that a reflection of clarity and our natural, buoyant, smiling natures?  Or something else?

The Beatles spent some time in India and spent time with a guru who had taken a vow of silence for over 20 years.  The guru would only have conversations using writing or body language and not speaking.  And this is how he lived in the world and taught.   And that was his choice.   And people bought into his role and declared him a guru.  A profound teacher.

And maybe his teachings had value for them at the time but it is important to keep in mind that realized human beings allow their expression and use their voice as the tool it is.  They have clarity of thought and expression and word and do not shy from it.   Their throat chakras are open, as are all of their chakras.  They are examples of what we really are.

Expression of who you are, your essence, your energy, is necessary if it is empowerment you are seeking.  Expression is a choice and so is empowerment.  Your beingness cannot be controlled and stifled.

It becomes a question of what you choose to allow your life and reality to become.

~~Embrace your vulnerability and share your brilliance with the world~~


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