Shifting into the energy perspective~


Greetings dear friends~

When people begin their journey into exploring concepts that will expand and redefine their lives, it is a process where the mind will be involved.   The mind — your mind, not something outside of you — will see these things from the outside looking in.

It is a bit like window shopping.    Looking at new ideas from the outside through the glass.  Through the filters and perspectives of the mind, rather than from your true self.  Analyzing and justifying the possibility of new choices, not choosing and living from the new place.  Observe how the mind will control and limit and reduce things until it is guided to a new realization of things.

And the difference is not trivial.    It is like the difference between looking at postcard of the ocean and swimming naked in the ocean.  It is the difference between the mind’s conceptualization and a living, breathing knowing within:

I am stuck in my routine of life/There are possibilities in the universe.


I am the energy of possibility.

Another example.  Observe the shift in perspective:

Am I part of the energy of everything?


I am energy.

My journey has been one of shifting into and consciously choosing this new way of living.  It is an empowerment that is based in awareness and commanding the mind.  Of course this shift into new ways of seeing is and will be a dramatic shift in your life as you choose it.  And it will apply to everything as our beingness encompasses everything.

A practical use of this awareness is creating and designing your life in ways you choose.   Observe the difference between these two statements:

I want a loving, sexy partner/I do not have a loving sexy partner.


I am a loving, sexy person/partner.

Notice the difference in energy and perspective.    The first is one of seeking and implies a need.  A perspective of lack.  Like the universe designed you with something missing.  The second statement is one of awareness, joy and energy, reflecting and creating.

Feel the energy of what you want and the direction you choose.   Know your choice and own it.  The energy you are is what creates so live from this place.

Sometimes I am able to create what I want.


I am creative energy.

What is your awareness of yourself?  The mind will define and control your existence at every step but just keep directing it.  See it as the tool it is.    Have fun with this idea and start consciously designing your life and movements.

The ideas you are exploring will mature into a deep knowing and understanding.  Eventually the choices you make will start coming from the self.   Your true essence.  More and more anyway.

And does the journey ever end?

Love and appreciation,



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