The relationship of things.


We live in a very causal way.  Not casual but causal.  Cause and effect.

So everything is relative to something else.

We have a defined and perceived relationship with everyone and everything.  All of our mental and emotional activity and perceptions are in terms of relationship with another, something else:

Think about it:

  • When you walk down a street and someone unknown walks by they are viewed as a stranger.  Someone unknown.
  • ‘Movement’ and ‘growth’ in your life is seen in relation to perceptions of the past/future or physical objects.
  • ‘Money’ is seen as something outside of yourself and something to accumulate.
  • ‘Patience’ implies an enduring some hardship or trial with another person or situation.
  • ‘Anger’ is in relation to some other person or circumstance.  A reaction.
  • ‘Health’ is seen as the absence of disease.
  • The ‘environment’ you are in is seen as external to yourselves.  Not part of your energy.

And we define ourselves by our judgements, our many relationships.  Our separation.  Ultimately this ‘relationship’ is not with another person or something outside but with ourselves.

When the choice is made to start seeing things as energy and you observe the inter-relationship of existence, then there is movement into new ways of living and being in the world.  New ways of seeing.  There is no longer the necessity to hold to rigid patterns or behavior or to make judgements about everything.

The experience and exploration of life becomes an exploration of our relationship with everything.  An appreciation of the oneness.

And what is more exciting than that?


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