There is a kid somewhere inside you.


Children are amazing and brilliant.

Jen’s mom was in a store and a little boy was standing by himself with no adult around, appearing lost.   So she asked him what his name was.

“Spider-Man,”  he told her matter-of-factly.

“Yes,” she said “but what is your other name?”

“Spider-Man,”  he tells her again resolutely, apparently not needing any help.

Our young ones of the human family have a sense of wonder and joy that is such a joy to behold just observing it.   In their early years they look upon the world for the first time, taking it all in.   And what a wonderful thing that is.   To see the world in such a way.

You cannot tell a kid to not splash and play in the water as they will not listen.

In Edmonton there has been a media story recently about a young girl (“SpiderMable”) who is dealing with cancer.  Her name is Mabel Tooke and thanks to the Children’s Wish Foundation and her simple wish to meet Spider-man, she has been on a playful manhunt to capture (fake) bad-guys and has been a source of joy and smiles for millions.  It has likely been a very healthy distraction from her medical treatments and a boost in her process of feeling and getting better.

Somewhere inside all of us there is a child that wants to come out and smile and play and laugh and connect with the world.


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