The intuitive approach to life~

stock market

I try to live from a connected place within.

Among other things, in the last year I have chosen to learn a new skill and follow that choice:  the choice of investing in the stock market.  Years ago I had an aversion to most things financial but I find it interesting how value is perceived.  And how money is made (or grown as I like to see it).

And stock market investing can get as complicated or simple as you want it to be.  I try to take the bigger picture and feel the movement of energy in societal and company trends and things that are part of my life.

Paying attention to the events and energy of what is happening around us is important.  There is a lot to explore and have fun with anyway.  The stock market, as does the ride that is life,  goes up and down so it’s important to see past the fluctuations.  When trading the most money can be made when most others are caught up in fear and panic selling.

Another interest of mine is chess.  I take a balanced and playful approach to it now.  A casual, intuitive approach.  It can be an extremely complex game but when you get a feel for it, using your intuition is a very effective way to play and much more enjoyable.

Intuition is a glimpse into what our power is.  Beyond it is a sense of knowing.  Do you have examples from your life where you just “knew” something?


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