Shifting the age perspective~

Hazel McCallion

There is a remarkable woman living in Canada.  Her name is Hazel McCallion and at 94 years of age is starting a new job.

She is the former 33-year Mayor of Mississauga and the thing that is striking about this lady is that she does not see herself as ‘old and therefore incapable’ but has a more empowering way to see things.

Another example I came across recently is a woman named Rose Blumkin who was active in her 80s as the successful owner of a retail furniture company that she sold to Warren Buffet.

When he bought the business he forgot to include a non-compete clause in the sale and only still in her 80’s, Rose opened another furniture store across the street and it was successful enough that Warren had to buy that business for 5 million dollars.

She was still selling past the age of 100.

Of course there are many examples of people who were and are very active in their later years.  Picasso, Shaw and many artists and writers.  And many professionals and hobbyists and activists.

Isn’t it time we as a society and individually start shifting our perspective of age and aging?

Be aware of what your thoughts, beliefs, psychologies are surrounding age.  The societal, family and educational influences that have entrenched the idea into our thinking that it is natural to age.  The thinking that says we simply get old and die.

Aging is the process of disease, not life. (see my post “The Fountain of Youth Does Exist”)

We age because we believe it is the natural.  And our choices on every level reflect that.

Hazel and Rose have created a very small glimpse into what is possible.  Imagine what would truly be possible if we brought to our minds the awareness of our true nature. the ‘energy’ we are, and allowed ourselves to move into a limitless perspective.






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