Isn’t it time to play a little?


Jen and I were relaxing recently downtown sharing some food when a toddler with curly blonde hair and blue eyes comes stomping over nearby to where we were seated, the mother trailing after him.

The mother catches up to him and grabs his hand trying to get him to come along.

But he has different plans.

He lets his weight go and drops to the floor on his back and starts to writhe around, smiling.   Not screaming or on a temper-tantrum or being a bad boy.  Just not going along with the schedule and plan his mom had chosen.

Perhaps he was putting on a bit of a show as well but it was quite funny seeing him lay on his back in this place.  Men in business attire and briefcases walking by, rigid and formal.

This world has forgotten what it means to be alive.

We are not here to work and grind ourselves to death with routine.  We are here to smile and play a little.

Do you think for one moment that the essence you are is not a kid at heart?  That energy.

What brings you joy?

What makes you smile?

Do you need a reason to smile or feel joy?

Is your life the adventure or experience that you want it to be?




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