What are you (truly) afraid of?

himalayan mts

If you are not able to sit and be with yourself then maybe it is time to ask yourself what you are afraid of.  The greatest fear is not of public speaking or dying, etc. it is the fear of what is inside of you.

We fear our own brilliance.   Our vulnerability.

Do not be afraid of what you will find as you explore deeper into existence.  The deeper you go into the world… into yourself…. what do you think you will discover?

There will be no greater joy than when you move into the knowing of yourself.

You are the universe and the universe is you.  Not how you see yourself now but in the totality of that which you are.

Cultivate a daily practice of embracing quietude and learn to experience and appreciate yourself.  In each and every way.  Move in that direction.

Make the choice to open yourself up.


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