The Fountain of Youth does exist~


I am sharing this post again which was the most popular of last year for the site.  Enjoy 🙂

Have you ever observed how a salamander, starfish or worm can regrow parts of themselves?

Have you ever paid attention to how many mammals and birds and insects have the capacity to communicate on a non-verbal level, telepathically, beyond what humans allow themselves?

Have you ever observed how some things just flow into your existence without so much as a thought?  How manifestation just happens?  Have you ever observed your own body’s innate capacity to replicate skin cells and the miracle of how it heals itself when cut or harmed?

Do you honestly believe that the cells of your body were created with any inherent limits?  Do you honestly believe that you have any limits?

Scientists only ever discover the limits of their own bias.  Their own perceptions.  For how can they accept what they are not willing to observe and look at without their filters on.

Over time humans have adopted belief structures that reflect such limits.  And they have done so for they fear their brilliance.  They fear their beingness.

Your body and cell structures have the capacity for infinite regeneration and rejuvenation.

The Fountain of Youth is within.  It is your awareness of yourself as energy.  You are the master alchemist.

Doubt not what you are capable of, if only gave yourself the chance.


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