Energy, health and creation~


To move beyond technique and the endless trying in your life means to simply allow.

To simply do it.

It is not a thought or process, although you can do it that way.

But that is a complication.  A mental process, not real creation.

Go into the simplicity and simply choose.

Everything else is just a game.

A game of disempowerment that humanity has become addicted to like heroin.

Simply do it.  Make the choice.   There is nothing to figure out.

Between now and tomorrow your reality can change completely.

But what are you willing to allow into your life?

Do you not believe that the energy of the universe that creates the stars and planets and sustains all life will not support you in your choices?

Get in touch with this energy, for you on not separate from it.

It is your perception of separation that fuels and keeps you in your limitations.



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