What is your passion?

paul newman

Paul Newman.

What would the world be without him?

He portrayed many wonderful characters onscreen from The Hustler to Cool Hand Luke to The Verdict.  His non-profit company Newman’s Own lives on after his death and makes amazing salad dressings and products..

And it wasn’t until later in his life that he discovered a passion of his while filming a movie:  car racing.  He picked it up with a vengeance and became a successful racer, racing into his later years.

And what are your passions in life?

We fill our time and lives with such great distractions, triviality and routine that we often do not discover what we our true passions are.  We do not truly connect with what is important for us.

Because we do not have clarity our passions can be buried.  It is through our exploration that we come to know them and ourselves.


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