Meet Jose~

Jose the Mystic

I met Jose in the most unlikeliest of places.  At an intersection in the heart of downtown Edmonton.  He was tapping lightly at his drum and we started talking.

He describes himself as a ‘wandering mystic’ and it was a delight to meet him as he was sharing himself freely, dispensing his worldly wisdom in a soft tone.

We broached different topics briefly but the main idea I got from what he shared was that you cannot gain true knowledge of yourself and who you are from a book.  He made a gesture to the omnipresent JW’s nearby and all the other religions who all have a book to hide behind.

He mentioned Socrates as well.  And it is interesting that Socrates challenged people and society by asking questions.  Stimulating movement inward.

And Jose does not have a bestselling book out.  He is not on Oprah or making the rounds on the spirituality lecture circuit.  But you would be hard pressed to find a better teacher.

Jose is a part of us all.

Never be afraid to get to know yourself.

And when you next look at a stranger or a loved one in the eyes, pause for a moment and recognize yourself in them.


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