observation and the art of allowance~


It is interesting and a great learning experience to observe just how much struggle we create in our daily lives and how much energy we expend on things that are not working.  Or towards things that are not what we want in our life.

An example would be working at a job you don’t really like.  It is not the work itself that usually requires much energy but our approach to it.  The thoughts we have towards it and the resistance we create and ‘allow’.  That is what I have learned with my job.

Observe all of your choices in life.  And if you want to, move in the direction of clarity and simplicity.  Breathe and feel your natural energy and allow your choices to be.  To happen.

It is our thinking that creates the weight and density in our lives.  Actively guide your mind in a new direction when you observe it going in a direction not of your choosing.

Remind yourself as often as necessary that you are not here to be stressed or to feel disempowered.   You are not here to grind out a living and to reach a “someday”.

Explore possibility and probability and choose to lighten your life.  Everything can become simple and the exploration changes to one of an expression of the ease of your energy.

This is the art of allowance.


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