Do you choose to limit love?

Love is not what you think it is.

It is not loving only those who love you back.

It is not loving what is “good” only.

It is not really an emotion.

It is not about allowing your fear to take over your life and reacting to events.

And it is not about controlling the circumstances of your life and choices.

If you try to define love then it escapes you.

Love simply is. (All and everything.)

The allowance of every possibility and choice.

omar mateen

A man walks into a nightclub in Orlando and murders 49 people and injures many others while revelling in social media response.

And it is hard not to react.  It is hard not to get angry and be fearful.  But isn’t anger and fear part of the whole problem?  Doesn’t it perpetuate a vicious cycle of hate and destruction and imbalance?

The world will always have this type of violence until we heal ourselves.   Individually and collectively.

And it begins with you, this moment.

Do you choose to limit love?

Or are you willing and able to see beyond the violence into the heart of things?  Are you willing to see beyond the perception of separation and differences into what brings us all together?

We do not have to agree with the choice of a Hitler or a Manson or a Mateen or anyone else.  Their choice is their choice.  Not yours.  Tragedies like this are great opportunities to realize our own choices and to find our own clarity.

But if you choose not to love (everyone) then isn’t it just a game of selection?  Isn’t it just a distortion of what love is and what you are capable of?

(and do you not think that somewhere in your many lifetimes incarnated here on this planet, past and future, that you are not a thief, rapist or murderer yourself?)

What do you choose to express to the world and experience?

Fear?   There is enough of that in the world.  Almost everyone chooses that and allows the choices of others to become their own choices.

Or do you choose love?

Love is limitless.  And it is a limitless way to live.  Without barriers or boundaries.

And it begins with you.



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