Good for you.

life experience

You have reached a certain understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world.  Good for you.

You have read some books and consider yourself to be smart and up-to-date on current affairs.  Good for you.

You have a family and career and meet your monthly expenses and even have some savings for retirement.  Your pension should be enough.  Good for you.

You have friends who respect you and a dog you cuddle with in the evenings while watching your favorite TV show.  Good for you.

You have traveled a bit and seen some of the world and know a thing or two about life.   Good for you.

Life has been a roller coaster ride and at times you have been crushed by circumstances but have survived.   Good for you.

You have experienced life and you tell yourself you have no regrets.   And you manage to live to the ripe old age of 98.  Or you die of brain cancer or a car accident at 33.  Good for you.

You have lived life.  And that is why we are here.  To experience the experience of existence.  Are we not?

But what have you really achieved? 

How important is anything if you have not opened yourself to yourself and move beyond what you have already experienced (so many times in this and other lifetimes)?

How important is anything if you have not opened yourself to love?

You have nothing if you are not connected to yourself.  From one perspective it is everything and nothing else matters.  For in that connection with yourself is the awareness of the oneness of existence and more.

Within you is the energy of all possibility.


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