As Bruce said.


Observe nature.

Observe your environment.

Observe your life and existence.

Observe the flight of birds, the movement of clouds, the prowl of a cat.

Observe smoke rising and dissolving into air.

Observe people.

Observe the flow of life and the manifestation of your choices.

One thing I enjoy observing is water.  By its very nature it has a very yielding quality.  It allows.  It is refreshing, cleansing, flexible, flowing and seemingly formless until it take the form.  Like being in a cup or river.

Did you know that even the fastest bullet cannot penetrate more than several meters of water?   Often only several feet.  Water stops bullets dead.  Google it.  Movies have it wrong.  The softness of water is its strength.  For a bullet would pierce and destroy other things.

Is your life and ability to move with life like water or do you create unnecessary resistance?

Like water we have mass and take on a form but the energy we are is not limited to the movements of our body and limbs.

The energy we are goes far beyond our physicality and it is important not to get caught up with definition, perspectives and perceptions of who you think you are.  Words like “body” or “energy” or “movement” or “essence” or “God” or whatever are descriptive and serve a purpose but are also concepts that have inherent limits.

As you open yourself you will begin to observe more of who and what you are.

And we are free to go beyond our limits.


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