find something that is true for you~

Italian coast

Do you think your circumstances define you?

Maybe to the point they are reflective of your choices and give you an environment from which to create.

But circumstance is fleeting and does not mean much.

Whether you are rolling in the lap of luxury on a yacht off the Italian coast or dying of liver cancer as a homeless person in the streets of Acapulco, ultimately it matters not.

Granted these are two very different life experiences.  But do you think it is impossible for that man in Acapulco to laugh at life and be happy, to refuse to give his power away and be the author of his own life?

Do you think it is impossible for a businesswoman on that yacht to be bored and unfulfilled with life and her billions and wish to give it all up for something -anything- new?

What really matters to you?

Is it money?  It can be nice but it comes as a result of who you are and your choices.  It is not a reason for living or waking up in the morning.

Is it upholding a role you are trying to convince others or yourself that you are?  That steals your energy and time and is a losing game.

Ask yourself – what truly matters to you?

Are you tired of living the same way and not really satisfied?  Well, you are free to go in another direction.  Aren’t you?

Go deep and keep asking yourself until you find something that you feel is true for you.

That man in Acapulco would be one of the most expansive individuals who ever lived if even for a moment he achieved a moment of clarity and ease where he was able to connect with himself and laugh not just at all the terrible shit in his life but the joy of being alive, seeing beyond the surface.

What is important to you?  What do you want out of this big grand thing called life?  Why are you here?

Remember, this life you are living…. one day you will not be.

You do not need to measure your life and choices or judge things.  But you do need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask something you have been avoiding for a long time.  Don’t you?

It was an ancient Greek temple inscription:  Know thyself.

Isn’t it time to find out who you truly are?


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